NAME: Imogen
BREED: Golden Retriever
AGE: 3.5 Years
CATS: Unsure
DOGS: Yes, with successful meet

Imogen’s story began around 3 years ago when she was saved from China’s meat trade and ended up in an overflowing rescue centre.

How do you even begin to choose who is going on the next available flight!?
There were a chosen few and as Glenn turned to go back onto the bus, a beautiful golden retriever came up to him. Imogen just looked into Glenn’s eyes and he could see the sadness and desperation so he made a promise to Imogen that he would come back for her.

Glenn was true to his word but due to travel restrictions during Covid, it’s taken 3 years before Imogen could finally get her freedom flight.

Imogen loves playing ball, she has lots of energy and will have you throwing that ball all day long. She is now being that playful puppy she never had the chance to be. She is good on lead and in the car.

If you are lucky enough to be her adopted family, you will get so much love and fun!
She will need to continue her weight management diet as she loves her food and will eat anything given to her.
Regular grooming and exercise is needed.

Microchipped, Fully Vaccinated (including Kennel Cough), Spayed, Flea/worm treated and 5 weeks free insurance included with adoption.

If you feel you can offer Imogen her forever home, please PM us.