Partner Rescue Little China Dog

The BARN works closely with our partner rescue ’Little China Dog’. For the past four years LCD have been rescuing dogs from the meat trade in China assisted by the BARN. Currently we have some 14 dogs in various places including vets in ChangChung, Beijing and halfway boarding houses. Each dog will receive a medical work up and once well enough will go onto the waiting list for transportation to the BARN from where they will find their forever homes.
Both LCD and the BARN will do the best we can to secure dogs from the meat trade and find them their forever homes. As you can imagine the heartache that seeing these poor cats and dogs provokes is hard to bare but to secure futures for these unfortunate animals is one of the BARNs priorities along with caring for animals closer to home.
If you can help find LCD or our own rescue with the China dogs please visit our PayPal sites and donate what you can. Every Penny goes to help secure a safe future for these animals.
Thank you

23 May 2021

Latest news from China is that we have arranged for another pup to ride the freedom express to the BARN. Little Dachshund “Hugo” is gearing up to make the long journey to safety at the shelter. Hugo is another little pup that was rescued by our team in China on his way to the meat house to be used for food. We have plans to meet with him the weekend of the 6th June in Liverpool and help him on his final leg of travel.

Please remember Hugo will not be available for adoption until such times as he has seen our own vet and been assessed by the BARN team.

Meet allegra one of our latest admissions from China. Allegra was found in a dreadful condition with horrific burns to her left eye. We believe that she may have had a ‘blow torch’ applied to her face. She has had several operations both her with our own vet and in China and the end result is as you can see in her picture on the adoption page of this site. Allegra is a super friendly German Shephard aged about 4 who just loves cuddles and attention from humans (amazing considering what she has suffered)


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