Puppy Heaven – Linton & Cathy ONLY AVAILABLE

Puppy Heaven – Linton & Cathy ONLY AVAILABLE

Breed: Labrador Cross
Age: Approximately 10 weeks old
Cats: Yes, with a Successful Meeting

Dogs: Yes, with a Successful Meeting
Children: Yes, 8 years 

Rehoming Labrador Cross 10-Week-Old Pups: Meet Heath, Edgar, Linton, and Cathy!

Are you ready to welcome a bundle of joy into your home? Look no further! We are excited to introduce you to four adorable Labrador cross puppies named Heath, Edgar, Linton, and Cathy. These lovable pups are currently residing at The Barn Animal Rescue and are eagerly awaiting their forever homes.

Meet the Puppies: Heath, Edgar, Linton, and Cathy are 10-week-old pups with irresistible charm. With their gorgeous appearance and delightful temperament, they will surely capture your heart. Each pup possesses a unique set of qualities, making them perfect companions for individuals or families.

Adorable and Loving Nature: The Labrador cross breed is renowned for their loving and affectionate nature, and these puppies are no exception. They thrive on human interaction and are incredibly loyal. Whether you’re looking for a furry friend to cuddle with or a playful companion to join you on adventures, Heath, Edgar, Linton, and Cathy are the perfect choice!

Puppy Training: As with any young puppy, proper training is crucial to ensure they grow into well-behaved and obedient dogs. The Barn Animal Rescue has already laid the foundation for their training, but they will require continued guidance in their new homes. From basic commands to potty training and socialisation, we will provide you with some essential tips to help you along the way.

Creating a Loving Environment: Welcoming a new puppy into your home involves creating a safe and nurturing environment for them to thrive. We will discuss the importance of puppy-proofing your house, setting up a comfortable sleeping area, and providing appropriate toys and enrichment activities to keep them engaged and stimulated.

The Adoption Process: If you’ve fallen in love with Heath, Edgar, Linton, or Cathy, and are considering adoption, we will guide you through the adoption process. You’ll learn about the necessary paperwork, potential adoption fees, and any requirements set forth by The Barn Animal Rescue.

Heath, Edgar, Linton, and Cathy are more than just adorable puppies; they are the perfect furry companions that will bring joy, love, and laughter into your life. By providing a loving home and investing time and effort into their training, you’ll be rewarded with an unbreakable bond and a lifetime of cherished memories.