All the Furbies

Louis - Louis is a sweet natured boy who has just arrived at the shelter therefore is not available for adoption yet. 5 years old Louis is not good with cats and dogs will be assessed on a meet and greet basis only. As mentioned he is not available for adoption yet so applications will not be considered. Read More
Coby - Coby is a 1 year old tri colour collie who has been with the shelter for quite some time now. Coby had real issues when he arrived with us but the team has worked long hours with him to try and calm him down. Being a typical Collie this wee man is full of life and bursting with energy. His… Read More
Toby - Meet Toby a very clever 5 year old Border Collie. Toby is a lovely fellow who is loyal and friendly. Toby's only problem is he does not like to be pushed into doing something he doesn't want to. He can be a bit of an escape artist therefore a home with very secure gardens and high fences or walls are… Read More
Big Max - Max is a 8 year old Central Asian Shephard who has been at the BARN for a number of weeks whilst we assessed and vet treated him. Max is a lovely gentle natured big lad who loves nothing more than belly rubs and attention. A large garden and plently of walking is a must for Max and we do not… Read More
ODIE - Odie has been with us at the shelter for several months now. We are looking for a breed specific home where the adopters are prepared to work with him. Odie needs patience and understanding as he does not initially warm to strangers but once he gets to know you will be loyal and friendly. No children or other dogs is… Read More
HARRY - Harry is a loving big strong lad who has plenty of affection to give to a new family. He is very bouncy and therefore we do not recommend that you apply if you have small children under the age of 16. Harry came to the shelter as a small pup only a few weeks old and having been rehomed he… Read More
Jemima - JemimaFemale approx 12-18 months oldSpayed, microchipped and vaccinatedFlea/worm treated Jemima is such a lovable girl. She just adores people, but not keen on other cats so would love to be the only pet in the house. She would love some safe outside access once she has settled in her new home so no main or busy roads please. Jemima would… Read More
Cyndy and Diamond - The BARN is looking for fosterers to take care of our two little Jack Russell's, Diamond and Cyndy. Mother and daughter have been with the BARN for several months now without any offers of adoption or foster. We urgently need a fosterer to look after them as they are aged 13 and 11 respectively.. Do have have room in your… Read More
Moose - NAME: MOOSE AGE: 2 Years BREED: Akita x Staffy CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: No MEDICAL ISSUES: NoMoose is a very, big strong dog who is normally very well behaved but would benefit from more training. A strong owner is needed to manage him comfortably on the lead.He loves being out and about, especially visits to the beach and his… Read More
Annie - NAME: Annie AGE: 7 Years BREED: Mixed Breed (Poss Husky) CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: 10+Annie is a very loving, playful girl who has come all the way from Romania.She loves being with people, going to the beach and is great on the lead and in the car.Annie needs a secure garden and a home where she won't be alone… Read More
Margo - MargoFemale approx 18-24 months oldWill be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before rehoming. Margo is a shy but sweet girl who was living outside. She came to the Barn to have her babies safely indoors and will soon be ready to find a home of her own. She will take a bit of time to come round although we don’t think… Read More
Seb - SebMale approx 18-24mths oldNeutered, vaccinated and microchipped Seb is a lovely long haired boy whose coat will need a daily groom to keep it in good condition.He was in a sorry state when he arrived at the Barn and had to have a lot of matted hair cut off although this is growing back well.Seb would like some safe outside… Read More
Bertie - BertieMale approx 4/5 yrsNeutered, vaccinated and microchipped Our Bertie is just a lovely boy. Loves attention and is an affectionate cat. We can tell he’s been in a few scraps but hopefully that will be no more when he has a home to live in instead of fending for himself on the streets.Bertie would love outside access once he gets… Read More
Harley - HarleyB/W male approx 3yrs oldNeutered, vaccinated and microchipped Harley is a lovely natured boy who enjoys his cuddles. He is quite a large cat with lots of love to give.Harley would like some safe access outside when he is settled.We are not sure how he is with kids or dogs but he would like to be the only cat in… Read More
Buster - NAME: Buster AGE: 9 Years BREED: Beagle CATS: Yes- With succesful meet DOGS: No CHILDREN: 8+ only Buster is a stunning boy! He loves people and going out for his walks. Buster is getting older and would prefer a quiet, calm home where he can relax but also have a few fun adventures! He needs a secure garden and not… Read More
Miranda & Lucinda - Miranda & LucindaApprox 4/5 yrs oldSpayed, vaccinated and microchipped These 2 lovely girls spent 4 years living in a carpark being fed by local people. It was decided that was way too long (4 years too long!) and that these girls deserved a home of their own, so they came to us to find them that home.They are both a… Read More
Benny - BennyApprox 3 yrsNeutered, vaccinated and microchipped Benny Boy is a scared wee man and not loving shelter life at all.He came to the Barn with a badly injured tail which needed to be amputated.We are hoping to find Benny a safe outdoor home, but with the option of coming into the house if he feels comfortable doing so, as with… Read More
Bryony - BryonyTabby female approx 4 yrs oldVaccinated, microchipped, vaccinated and flea/wormed Bryony is a chatterbox. Boy she loves to talk!She is a lovely girl who loves being fussed over but is also independent.Bryony would like a home with no small children and safe access outside when she is settled.If you would like to meet Bryony please click on the link for… Read More
Millie - MillieApprox 18 months oldVaccinated, spayed and microchipped Millie is the friendliest wee cat and craves human contact and company.We would love her to go to a family who are home a lot of the time. She would like to be the centre of attention and the only pet in the house. No young children please.Millie would like some safe outside… Read More
Ollie - NAME: Ollie AGE: 9 Years BREED: Chihauhau x Jack Russell CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: 12+ Ollie is a gorgeous older boy who loves human company. He's still quite active and enjoys his walks.He does like other dogs but he can be too much for them and other dogs don't like this. For this reason, we think it's best that… Read More
Misty - NAME: Misty AGE: 4 Years BREED: Jack Russell CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: 14+ Misty is a beautiful girl who loves human company and cuddles. She's great in the car and loves the beach.She really doesn't like other dogs and can be quite vocal when she sees them. A quiet home with few visitors and no pets or young children… Read More
Whisper - WhisperTabby/white male approx 11 months old.Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea/wormed. Beautiful Whisper is an affectionate boy. He came from an indoor only home so would be suited to this however if the right home came along away from any roads and with a good size garden he may like to go outside after a period of time. No dogs and no… Read More
Blue - BlueGrey/white male approx 4 yrsVaccinated, microchipped, neutered and flea/wormed Stunning Blue would love a home with no small children. Cat experienced family preferred please.Blue is an affectionate boy on his own terms.He would like safe outside access when he has settled in his new home. If you would like to meet Blue please click on the application form link. Please… Read More
Oreo - NAME: Oreo BREED: Patterdale x Border Terrier AGE: 7 Years CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: No Oreo is a friendly boy who's full of life! He loves human company, walks, playing and taking part in agility exercises. He is good on the lead and in the car. Oreo really doesnt like other dogs and can react to them when he's… Read More
Cindy & Diamond - ❣ Long Term Foster Needed❣Meet our gorgeous minature Jack Russells, Cindy and Diamond!They joined the Barn family on Monday and are just the sweetest girls. Diamond can be a little bit nervous but Cindy loves people and is crazy for a ball!Their perfect foster home would be a quiet one with only one or two people living in the house.… Read More
Eclipse - Our beautiful Eclipse has finally arrived at the BARN after several weeks of transportation difficulties. Last year we had concerns that she was not going to live let alone make the BARN. Emaciated, sick and unable to walk our vets worked magic and she pulled through. Transportation was the next stumbling block with Korean officials making her transport more difficult… Read More
Zac - Our big lad Zac who is in foster care with the lovely Emma and Seb is a gentle and loving chap. Zac for those who don’t know him came to the BARN after being brought from a breeder. Zac has no pelvic bone and has recently been diagnosed with faulty heart valve which will require surgery. We have been raising… Read More
Boswell - Boswell, or Sir Bossie of the BARN has been resident with us for almost 5 years now. He loves his visits to the office to find the warmest spot in the sun and preferably has his bed moved to ensure he remains in the sun all day. Boswell will stay with us as we cannot rehome him owing to health… Read More
Big Daddy - Male approx 7/8 Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Foster Home Needed Big Daddy has been living on the streets for long enough. He joined the Barn along with a few of his children, a couple of them are still available for adoption also. A favourite with the volunteers this boy is a friendly chap, loves the attention, loves his food and… Read More
Xena - AGE: 11 Months BREED: American Bulldog CHILDREN: 12+ DOGS: No CATS: No Xena is a beautiful, friendly girl. She loves people and other dogs but we feel she would be better as the only dog with an older child to play with. She is very big and strong so children under 12 will not be considered. She is well behaved,… Read More
Albert & Victoria - AGE: Approx 2 Years BREED: Greyhounds CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: 14+ **Both have been previously trained as coursing dogs so are not suited around small dogs or cats. They WILL NOT be rehomed as working or hunting dogs, family pets only** Albert & Victoria are beautiful, friendly, gentle dogs who love human company. They love their walks and are… Read More
Zeus - NAME: Zeus AGE: Approx 2 Years BREED: Akita Cross CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: 14+ Zeus is a gorgeous, affectionate boy who is well trained. He loves the beach and is good in the car and on lead. He doesn't like confined spaces and doesn't get on great with other dogs, especially males. An active family with lots of time,… Read More
Milo - NAME: Milo AGE: 15 Years BREED: Jack Russell x Japanese Spitz CATS: No DOGS: No CHILDREN: 16+ Milo is a beautiful dog who is full of energy and doesn't act his age. He is partially sighted due to an accident a few years ago but he still enjoys life to the full. A quiet home with no young children or… Read More
Smidge - Smidge (male) Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped Approx 2-3 yrs Smidge is a stunning cat but he is a very nervous boy and will require a patient home with no children (older teens may be ok). Previous nervous cat experience would be a bonus. He wants to be petted but is so scared when a hand comes near so this is… Read More
Marley - Gorgeous Marley went straight into foster and stole the hearts of his family! Today he officially became part of the family Read More
Inca - Female approx 2/3 yrs. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Lovely Inca loves nothing more that being petted and having a roll around to have a belly rub. It’s hard to get a picture of her staying still when someone comes to see her or the volunteers are in!Anyway, Inca would love a home to call her own. We think she would… Read More
Huey and Henrietta - Approx 20 weeks oldVaccinated, microchipped and neuter date later this monthThese 2 monkeys are currently in foster with one of our volunteers. They are semi feral and it has taken a right few weeks to get them to the stage they are at now.Huey is a big purring machine when you start to pet him. Henrietta isn’t so sure yet… Read More
Milo - AGE: 8 Years. BREED: Jack Russell. CATS: No. DOGS: No. CHILDREN: No. Milo is a very friendly, obedient boy who loves balls and human company! He really doesn't like other dogs.A quiet home with no children or dogs living/visiting is needed. Lots of cuddles, walks and attention required!Microchipped, Vaccinated and Neutered. Read More
Prince - Approx 5/6.Vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.Lovely Prince would love a home of his own.He’s not keen on being lifted or over handled so no children please.He enjoys a head and a chin scratch and is affectionate on his own terms so a family that has been used to cats would be perfect.Prince would love some access outside too so no homes… Read More
Brandy - AGE: 6 Years.BREED: Greyhound (Ex Racer).CATS: No.DOGS: Yes- Dog of similar size and energy levels. (Pending succesful meet & greet) No Small dogs.CHILDREN: Yes- 12+.MEDICAL CONDITIONS: None Known.Breed experience preferred.Brandy is a very friendly boy who loves the company of people and other dogs. He enjoys being out and about and is good in the car and on lead.Although Brandy… Read More
Chloe - AGE: 6 Years. BREED: Collie x Springer. CATS: Yes. DOGS: No. CHILDREN: 14+**Breed experience preferred **Chloe didn't have the best start in life and was originally rescued from the streets of Hong Kong.She is a friendly, obedient but nervous girl who needs time, love and patience. She is good on the lead and in the car.Chloe would need a quiet… Read More
Lionel - AGE: 9 Years. BREED: Long Haired Chihuahua. CATS: No.DOGS: No.CHILDREN: No.Lionel is a great boy but can be very nervous especially with men. He will need time, love and patience to bring him round.He is in good health and recently had a full check up and 17 teeth removed by our vets.He is very active still and is good on… Read More
Lloyd - AGE: 8 Years. BREED: Akita x Collie. CATS: No. DOGS: Yes- Similar size with succesful meet. CHILDREN: 14+MEDICAL CONDITIONS: None known. Lloyd is a beautiful, big dog who's very friendly and loves being with people.He is very obedient, great in the car but very strong on the lead.A home in a quiet area with very high secure fencing or walls… Read More
Flossie - Female approx 12-18 months old. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Flossie is a lovely friendly girl who is looking for her forever home.She has been living as an indoor cat quite happily so can live indoors or if you live away from any main busy road may enjoy some safe access outside.She can live with another cat but would enjoy being… Read More
Angel - Female approx 12-18 months old. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Angel is a lovely friendly girl who is looking for her forever home.She has been living as an indoor cat quite happily so can live indoors or if you live away from any main busy road may enjoy some safe access outside.She can live with another cat but would enjoy being… Read More
Madonna - Female approx 12-18 months old. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Madonna is a lovely friendly girl who is looking for her forever home.She has been living as an indoor cat quite happily so can live indoors or if you live away from any main busy road may enjoy some safe access outside.She can live with another cat but would enjoy being… Read More
Kenzo - AGE: 8 Years. BREED: Jack Russell. CATS: No. DOGS: No. CHILDREN: No. Kenzo is a very friendly lad who loves cuddles, walkies and playing ball. He doesn't get on well with other dogs.He needs someone at home most of the time that can give him full attention and lots of walks. No other pets or children living/visiting. A totally secure… Read More
Snowy - Male approx 4 yrs old.Neutered, vaccinated and microchippedSnowy is an affectionate big soul. A bit shy when he came in but has come out of himself a lot. Loves attention, rubs round your legs, doesn’t mind being lifted - just a lovely boy.Snowy would love a home of his own with some safe access outside.Being a white cat Snowy will… Read More
Fred - Male approx 4 yrs old. Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Lovely Fred is a bit shy to start but soon comes round and loves being petted. He’s also a great conversationalist!He would love to find his forever home with some safe access outside.Not sure how he is with children, other cats or dogs. Read More
Toby - AGE: Approx 3.5 Years. BREED: Collie. CATS: No. DOGS: No. CHILDREN: 14+** Breed experience required**Toby is a highly intelligent boy who loves to learn and work for his treats/food. He benefits massively from enrichment games and would love agility training.He has a great relationship with our volunteers now but it did take a while for Toby to trust us. He… Read More
Pooch - Pooch is a beautiful girl who loves cuddles and attention, however she can be quite nervous. She will need a quiet home where she can be centre of attention with no other pets or children. Microchipped, Vaccinated & Spayed. Read More
Wilbur and Lily (siblings) - Approx 2-3 years. Microchipped and spayed/neutered.Wilbur & Lily are feral cats looking for a safe outdoor home together. A farm type home would be perfect with dry safe out houses.They need somewhere secure to be kept inside for 4 weeks until they get used to their surroundings.All they ask for is a bed somewhere dry and safe and regular feeding… Read More
Sparky - AGE: 12. BREED: Pomeranian. CHILDREN: No. CATS: No. DOGS: No. MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Overweight  Sparky is beautiful boy who is full of energy and loves people. Unfortunately he is quite overweight so he will need a strict healthy diet and slow but regular exercise to get him down to a better weight. Sparky needs a home with no children or other animals… Read More
Jack - Our greyhound Jack is 12 and an ex- racer. He has been with us 7 weeks now. He is loosing his sight and has a problem with his throat. Today he went to his long-term foster home where he will spend the rest of his days in comfort. Look at that smile ❤ Thank you to his foster mummy Rebekah… Read More