Dog Surrender Form

We are sorry to hear you are needing to re-home your dog.

Please fill in the following questions in full and we will try to help.

Our waiting list is approximately 3/5 weeks at the moment, and emergencies and welfare cases will take priority.

Please try other rescues in the meantime.

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If so, which one?
If so, what is the number and chip company?
Vaccinations up to date?
Flea/worming up to date?
Does the dog like cats?
Does the dog like other dogs?
Is the dog comfortable and safe around children?
Is the dog nervous or easily stressed?
If so, please explain the situation
Can the dog be left alone?
Is the dog house trained?
Is your dog crated?
Does your dog live inside or out?
Is your dog destructive?
I confirm that I am the legal owner of the dog named above and I give full permission for him/her to be rehomed. I understand that once the dog is handed over to BARN Animal Rescue, he/she will not be returned to me under any circumstances.