Huey and Henrietta

Huey and Henrietta

Approx 20 weeks old
Vaccinated, microchipped and neuter date later this month
These 2 monkeys are currently in foster with one of our volunteers. They are semi feral and it has taken a right few weeks to get them to the stage they are at now.
Huey is a big purring machine when you start to pet him. Henrietta isn’t so sure yet but is finally allowing pets without darting off and we are sure will come round in time.
We would love both to go to their new home together.
Their new family will need to be extremely patient with them. They will hide so will need a room to live in to get used to you being around before having the run of the house. This could take a number of weeks at least.
A family with semi feral experience would be great, or at least having owned very shy cats in the past.
No children under 10 please.
The kittens are just too shy for the noise and attention of children at the minute.
They will suit an indoor only home or a home with a safe garden, away from any roads, to go into once old enough.