Available to Rehome


  • Name: Moose.
  • Age: Approx 5 1/2 Years Old.
  • Breed: Akita x Staffy.
  • Cats: No.
  • Dogs: No.
  • Children: No.
  • Medical Issues: No.

Meet Magnificent Moose!

Are you ready for a lovable companion who will steal your heart? Meet Moose, a charming and affectionate Akita x Staffy mix currently residing at The Barn Animal Rescue. Moose is a four-year-old bundle of joy with the most endearing personality. With a heart as big as his size, Moose is eagerly waiting to find his perfect forever home. Let’s join forces to make Moose’s dream come true!

Moose is a true foodie at heart, and his love for a good meal knows no bounds. If you’re a food enthusiast yourself, you and Moose will make the perfect pair. From treats to delicious dinners, Moose will be your faithful foodie partner, always ready to share a mealtime adventure with you.

But Moose’s love for people goes beyond just enjoying a good meal together. He absolutely adores human company and thrives on affection and attention. If you’re an active individual who enjoys running or jogging, Moose will be your ideal running buddy. He’ll happily keep pace with you, tail wagging and a smile on his face, making your exercise routine even more enjoyable.

While Moose may not be a fan of sharing his space with cats, dogs, or young children, he has more than enough love to give to his human companions. He’s looking for a home where he can be the center of attention and receive all the love and care he deserves.

The best part? Moose is in excellent health, with no medical issues to worry about. He’s ready to embark on new adventures with his forever family, bringing joy and happiness wherever he goes.

Together, let’s find Moose his forever home, where he can spend his days enjoying good food, going for runs, and receiving all the love he deserves. Don’t wait, because Moose is eagerly waiting to meet his new family and start a lifetime of happiness. Adopt Moose today and make a difference in both his life and your own.

Moose is fully vaccinated (including kennel cough), microchipped and neutered. 5 weeks free insurance is included in his adoption.