Available to Rehome


  • NAME: Coby.
  • AGE: 2 years old.
  • BREED: Collie.
  • CATS: No.
  • DOGS: Yes,with successful meet.


Coby is a very affectionate and sweet boy once he gets to know and trust you. Potential adopters must be willing to have several meets and walks with Coby in order to gain his trust.

Coby will require consistent training, preferably with the help of a behaviourist, to overcome some behavioural issues. Coby is very intelligent and eager to learn he can pick up new things very quickly.

Coby will require a large garden to run and play in. This should be totally secure with a high wall/ fence and there shouldnt be lots of traffic or people passing by. He is full of energy so will require lots of daily exercise and enrichment activities to keep him busy.

Fully Vaccinated, Microchipped, Kennel Cough, Neuter and 5 weeks free insurance included with adoption.

If you think you can offer Coby his forever home, please apply via the link below.