Another China rescue CHESTER

Another China rescue CHESTER

The day has finally arrived and I am preparing to head over to Liverpool on the ferry to collect and meet up with Chester again. It’s been a long wait but all at the BARN are excited at his pending arrival. I will post up live video when we finally see him again. Watch this space for updates.

So the excitement is starting to build again as we have our lovely Chester on his way from China. A super lad who I first met in Miss Hubo’s shelter in October 2019 some 2 1/2 years ago where he had been rescued off the side of a main road after being hit by a car. We understood firstly that Chester may be paralysed as he couldn’t walk, however after some serious vet care and love at the rescue Chester recovered and began living life again. He has waiting for over two years now to finally make his way to the BARN where we are waiting patiently to give him a big hello. Not available at this time until vet assessments etc have taken place. Please watch here for updates and more information.

Chester is NOT available yet and we will not be accepting applications so please do not contact us. Thank you.

A quick video of Chester feeling the grass under his paws (or back). Remember Chester is not available yet so please do not apply.