Age: 1 year old
Breed: Collie spaniel Cross
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: With successful meet
Children: 10+

We have had loads of dogs coming through our shelter but Bertie is something else!

He is such a darling, sweet natured and a big softie who will lick you non stop. He has a permanent smile which would melt anyone’s heart, he’s certainly a hit with the ladies here.

Bertie is full of energy, very hyper, not very many manners so a bit of training will be required to turn this young pup into a gentleman.

He will always be by your side, looking for attention. This is the only downside as Bertie does suffer from minor separation anxiety, so having another dog in the house will be great company for him.

Mental stimulation is encouraged for Bertie as he is highly intelligent, kong toys and wee puzzles to keep his little brain ticking and in return he will get lots of tasty treats.

If you have already fell in love with our Bertie, (I certain have by writing this ) please apply by filling in the application above.

Microchipped, neutered, vaccinated ( kennel cough included) + 5 weeks of free insurance