Barn Dog Team- Choi

Barn Dog Team- Choi

I’ve been volunteering at The Barn now for just over two years.

I remember my first day very well, I was shown what needed to be done and how to clean out the kennels. Everyone made me feel very welcome. 

After the kennels were done, there was still plenty to do….dishes and there certainly wasn’t a shortage of them!!

I have learnt a lot since joining The Barn; Glenn and Joanne are a world of knowledge and their experience is second to none. I’ve still so much more to learn from them.

It all started after the passing of my mum. My life felt empty-I felt I had no purpose, nothing to wake up for in the mornings, I didn’t know how to go on without her.

I came across a Facebook post about volunteering so I messaged and that was the beginning of my new lease of life.

One of my faves, Eamon

I’ve always loved dogs and enjoyed their company. I feel dogs can sense your sadness as well as your happiness.  They snuggle up to you when you’re feeling low and it makes you forget about your worries for a little while. 

Each day brings a different kind of joy, the dogs are always pleased to see you in the mornings, maybe it’s because they know they are about to be fed.

Being at The Barn has helped me tremendously, keeping me busy and keeping my mind occupied. It has helped me deal with grief, although it eases it slightly, it will always be there.

I hope with all I do, that I do make a small difference in our dogs lives, make them feel loved till they find their forever homes.

Kisses with Oliver