Meet the Eleven

Meet the Eleven

Meet the Eleven, our set of 9 week old unwanted staffy x lab puppies.

I’m sure most of you have been watching Stranger Things and are familiar with the characters, well……here we present you with our Eleven!

First up is Nancy, she may seem fairly quiet but she is far from it when teamed up with her siblings.

Lucas has that butter wouldn’t melt type of face, he could wriggle out of any situation and burrow his way into your heart.

Mike has a mischievous wee grin about him, he would have you believing that he’s the most well behaved, far from it.

Hopper is unique in his looks, quite handsome if I may add, there’s certainly no mistaken identity here if he gets into trouble.

Steve is quite shy when he’s singled out but definitely the loudest when causing havoc with his siblings.

Dustin is another one who is unique which is why he’s one of the favourites, quite a poser too and loves nothing more than bulldozing his way through to his food.

Joyce has a sweet little angelic face but wait till its feeding time, there’s no holding her back.

Eddie is quite reserved and very much one of the quieter and more shy ones, but he is playful when he gets to know you.

Will is another one who will bulldoze his way or climb over his siblings to get to his food, he will be one of the first to get there.

Elle is petite but only in physique, you get on the wrong side of her, she will soon let you know, even her brothers have to stand aside.

Last but not least, Erica, she can be shy but it doesn’t take long for her to come out of her shell and she will soon be snuggled up beside you.

We will consider homes with children age 6+ only. Also other cats and dogs, with successful meets.

All of the puppies will need basic training along with socialising, plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. They will require a secure garden of their own and must not be left alone for long periods.

Fully Vaccinated inc Kennel Cough, Spay/neuter voucher, Flea/wormed, Microchip and 5 weeks free insurance all included with adoption.