Feedwell Competition Time

Feedwell Competition Time

We are excited to announce our #competition for our 60th anniversary.
This competition is specifically for animal sanctuaries, shelters and rescues in #NorthernIreland and #Ireland.

Dog ownership increased during the pandemic and sadly some of these dogs have now been given up for adoption as families begin to get back to some form of normality. We want to help.

#ToEnter you need to nominate your favourite, independent sanctuary, shelter or rescue and the one with the most nominations will receive one of the following #prizes.

1st prize – 20 x 15kg bags of Supreme, 5 x 8kg bags of Puppy.
2nd Prize – 10 x 15kg bags of Supreme, 5x 8kg bags of Puppy, 5 x 8kg bags of Mini.
3rd Prize – 5 x 15kg bags of Supreme, 5x8kg bags of the winners choice (Puppy/Mini/Supreme).
4th Prize – 5 x 15kg bags of Supreme.

All nominations need to be made by 02/12/22 via our social media channels and the winning sanctuaries, shelters or rescues will be announced on 09/12/22

Comment below with your chosen independent sanctuary, shelter or rescue.

#dogfood #dogslife #dogfamily #giveaway

Please click on the post and vote for your favourite rescue ❤️🐾