This is an update on a dog called Roy who came to the shelter some 6 months. Boy, now called Roy was living in a outbuilding on a chain but being cared for by friends of his mum who sadly passed away. The first picture shows clearly his home.

We renamed Roy and commenced his veterinary work up including neuter and full vaccinations. Roy initially was very scared and displayed fear aggression towards us. However, he wasn’t at the BARN long before we discovered a loving friendly chap who just loved giving cuddles and licks.

Over the weeks Roy continued to show us just what a super dog he was and even had some initial homestay. Unfortunately these did not work out for him but we didn’t give up. Roy was going to get his new 5 * home.

The home Roy was waiting for came along just over one week ago and he went for his weeks vacation with his new mum and dad. As you can see from the second picture Roy is just delighted with his new home and is without going to be loved and cared for forever. His eyes display just how he feels now and warms our hearts.

We are so happy for Roy (now renamed ‘Robbie’) and wish him and his new parents a long and happy life to enjoy walks and the freedom he so much deserves.