Meet Houdini

Meet Houdini

  • NAME: Houdini.
  • AGE: Approx 2.5 Years.
  • BREED: Harrier Hound.
  • CHILDREN: 12+
  • DOGS: Yes, with successful meet.
  • CATS: No.

** Hou will be rehomed as a family pet only**

Meet Houdini, a resilient Harrier Hound with a heart full of love, approximately 2.5 years old. His story is one that speaks of immense courage and the unwavering dedication from The Barn Animal Rescue volunteers.

Houdini’s journey began amidst tragedy, found at the roadside with a severe gash on his neck, a victim of unspeakable cruelty. His wounds, telling a harrowing tale of survival, included not only the need for emergency surgery to mend his physical injuries but also revealed the remnants of a distressing past – evidence of a chip forcibly removed and multiple pellets embedded in his body.

It’s unfathomable why anyone would subject such a gentle soul to such torment, yet amidst the darkness, Houdini found his beacon of hope. Rescued from the brink of despair, he’s now under the care and protection of The Barn Animal Rescue.

Despite his painful past, Houdini’s spirit remains resilient. Patience and devotion are essential for him as he slowly learns to trust again. Regular interactions and walks are helping him grow more comfortable, revealing glimpses of his affectionate nature.

While physical wounds heal, the emotional wounds demand time and a nurturing environment. Houdini, once timid, is now showcasing his incredible resilience, especially around other dogs, demonstrating a newfound confidence.

A secure home environment and a compassionate, dedicated family are what Houdini seeks. It will take time, patience, and a secure routine for him to flourish, but the reward will be immeasurable. Houdini’s future family will be rewarded with the presence of an extraordinary dog, filled with sweetness and gentleness.

Houdini comes fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and cared for, ready to embrace his new journey. If you believe your home can provide Houdini the safe, nurturing haven he deserves, please consider applying below.

Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to this remarkable soul.