Bear update

Bear update

Evening folks, this is an update on our big friend Bear and his operation to fix the infected ears he was suffering.

So far the operation has been an astounding success and we would like to thank Northern Ireland Veterinary Service, Hillsborough for their amazing work with our big lad. Also thanks to our own vet Rathgael Vets for their dedication and work to get Bear to the point where he could be saved. Lastly and by far not least, thank you to all of you super people out there who made Bears operation possible by donations and support for him. Without this we could not have had the operation completed as quickly as we did. Thank you so so much from Bear and all the BARN team.

So, Bear is well and had his stitches removed yesterday. The wounds are healing well and he does not appear to have any more pain from the infection. Prognosis is looking good for him now and he certainly is a happy bear. He was out today for his first public appearance since the surgery to meet and greet at Joanne Doonan Dog Training Santapaws in Saintfield. It was great to meet so many of you who were aware of Bears plight and update you personally how he was keeping. I know Bear loved meeting you (he told me when I got him back to the shelter)

So further updates to follow and again thank you to everyone who helped Bear reach this point.