Jackson & Austin

Jackson & Austin

**Puppies are not available for viewing, unless our Rehoming team invite you up for a meet. Please DO NOT turn up at the rescue**

  • NAMES: Jackson & Austin.
  • BREED: German Shepherd.
  • AGE: 15 Weeks.
  • DOGS: Yes, with succeSsful meet.
  • CATS: Yes, with successful meet.
  • CHILDREN: 7+

I don’t know where all the puppies are coming from this year but these were certainly a handful and a half along with their 5 siblings!

Jackson & Austin are the last of our GSD pups to find their forever homes.

From the day they came into the world, we watched them grow from little bundles, the size of our hands to miniature German Shepherds now. They are mega cute, but lots of hard work

Jackson is one big bruiser. He will knock the rest flying to bulldoze his way through to his food, no messing around here.

Austin,those eyes would melt you, he’s too cute and he knows it.He’s a bit on the mischievous side too but how could you tell him off when he looks at you with that faceā€¦..need I say more!!!

Watching them grow day by day is so heart warming and rewarding. Finally seeing them go to their forever homes makes everything we do worthwhile.

These puppies will need lots of physical exercise aswell as mental stimulation. A fully secure garden and someone home most of the time is essential.
Puppy training and classes is advised.


Microchipped, Fully Vaccinated inc Kennel Cough, Flea/worm treated,Spay/neuter voucher, 5 weeks free insurance are all included in adoption fee.

If you feel you can give one of these cuties a 5* home, please PM or apply below, stating which dog you would like to adopt.