Maple, Rocky, and Hope

Maple, Rocky, and Hope

**Puppies are not available for viewing unless you are invited up by a member of the Rehoming team**

  • Name – Maple, Rocky, and Hope.
  • Age – 9 weeks.
  • Breed – Collie/Jack Russell.
  • Dogs – yes (with successful meet)
  • Cats – yes.

Maple is the cheekiest of the group, she is very confident in herself and is quick to tell her brother and sister off if they get too boisterous.

Rocky is a bit of a pushover and lets his sisters get away with too much! He is very protective of Hope and is always looking out for her.

Hope is the most nervous of the three, she is constantly looking for her siblings for reassurance, she would need a quieter home preferably with an older, confident dog.

These puppies will grow into energetic dogs and will require lots of mental stimulation and exercise so please keep this in mind if applying. They will require all aspects of puppy training.

Vaccinations, Kennel Cough, microchip, a neuter/spay voucher for Rathgael vets (for when they are old enough), and 5 weeks of free insurance are included.

If you have the time (and patience!) to offer one of these pups their forever home please apply via the link below: