Meet Bruno who came under our care today. Bruno was involved in a road traffic accident and as a result, ended up with a badly fractured leg.

He was taken to our vets and given pain relief and from there referred to Earlswood clinic for an operation to correct the break.

As I drove Bruno to the clinic my heart broke for him as he cried in pain the whole journey. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the extent of the injury. The bone was broken in half.

Bruno will be staying at Earlswood clinic for the weekend on pain medication and on Monday will have an operation to fix his broken leg.

We are asking if you, our supporters, can help Bruno recover with this operation? He needs £3000 donated by Monday to cover the cost of the procedure. Our supporters pulled together when Bear was desperate for his ear operation so we are hoping that this will happen again for poor Bruno.

Any amount you can spare will go to help Bruno’s recovery and get him on the road to being adopted. Once he is well again he will be placed up for adoption. He is such a sweet dog who, even in pain, wagged his tail when I spoke to him. He put his chin and paw on my foot whilst waiting to be seen by the vet and not once showed any aggression even though he must be in terrible pain.

Please support Bruno’s recovery by donating to our PayPal marking it ‘For Bruno’ and checking friends and family. As always I will keep you updated on his progress, but Bruno is safe, warm and getting the pain relief he needs right now.

Our PayPal can be found on this page.

Thank you on behalf of Bruno.