Buttons, Candy, Freddo, Kit, Mars & Rolo

Buttons, Candy, Freddo, Kit, Mars & Rolo

  • NAMES: Buttons, Candy, Freddo, Kit, Mars & Rolo.
  • AGE: 9 weeks.
  • BREED: Yorkie x Spaniel.
  • CATS: Yes, with a successful meet.
  • DOGS: Yes, with a successful meet.
  • CHILDREN: 6 years up.


To say our hearts melted when these little ones came into our care is an understatement!

They all have their uniqueness, their own wee personalities and how could I not mention their own wee cuteness too.

We do not have favourites here…actually we should not have favourites, but of course we do! My favourite and I’m sure I can speak for a lot of the volunteers here is…..Buttons!!!

Buttons is a bit of a scruff ball, he likes to be heard so he’s the loudest one and he will squeak ( sorry …bark ) at you till he has your full attention.

Next is Candy, the female. Don’t be fooled by her shyness, she has all the boys under her paw. She has everything under control.

Freddo is the one to watch, he will play till the sun goes down, and even then he will continue in his dreams.

Next is Kit, Tiny Kit, he is the smallest in the litter, he may be tiny but he’s certainly no pushover, he will let his brothers and sister know if he’s not happy.

Mars has a cheeky look, and he’s one troublemaker, he will start a fight then trot off and start another elsewhere but he never gets the blame because you always get melted away by that cheeky face.

Rolo is last but only by alphabetical order, he is a bit dopey looking, and even has a few old man’s whiskers, but he’s cute as a button and certainly always found in the middle of a scrap.

All of the puppies will need fully trained and puppy classes/socialisation groups will really benefit them.
They should not be left alone for long periods.

Full vaccinations, Kennel Cough, Microchip, Healthcheck, Flea/worm treatment, neuter/spay voucher and 5 weeks free insurance are all included!

If you feel you can offer one of our pups a brilliant home, please apply below: