Nelson, Norman, Nigel, Nellie, Norris, Nora, Nala & Nemo

Nelson, Norman, Nigel, Nellie, Norris, Nora, Nala & Nemo

NAMES: Nelson, Norman, Nigel, Nellie, Norris, Nora, Nala & Nemo.
AGE: Approx 10 weeks.
CATS: Yes, with a successful meet.
DOGS: Yes, with a successful meet.
CHILDREN: 5 years up.


We would like to proudly present you with our adorably chunky Lab Collie cross puppies!

It’s definitely puppy season, we’ve hardly the last litter away and we’re already introducing this lot. There’s eight altogether; they each are individual in looks and personalities.

First we have Nelson, he’s quite laid back and happy to sit and watch whilst his siblings are causing havoc.

Next is Norman, he has mahoosive paws so he’s going to be a big boy but also a big personality to match.

Next in line is Nigel, he’s quite dainty in build and has already learnt that by sitting nice he will be given a treat; he’s a very smart boy.

Nellie’s turn now, she’s cute as a wee button, and those big round eyes would melt any one’s heart. She may be a girl but she certainly gives her brothers a run for their money.

Norris may not be as cute as the girls but his playfulness certainly more than makes up for it. Why wouldn’t you give him all the time in the world?

Nora knows how to burrow her way into your heart, very affectionate, will give lots of puppy kisses too if you want them but she is a bit camera shy.

Next we have Nala. She is quite laid back, doesn’t partake in her siblings naughty shenanigans.She is one of the shyer ones.

Finally we have Nemo, he is the cheeky one. He may come across as quite reserved but don’t be fooled, once he starts playing there’s no stopping him.

Please Remember! Puppies can be hard work and need a lot of time and love put into them. All aspects of training and socialisation will need working on. If you cannot dedicate your time or you are not 100% sure you want a puppy, please do not apply!

Microchipped, Fully Vaccinated, Healthchecked, Flea/worm treated-Spay/neuter voucher and 5 weeks free insurance included.

To offer one of these cuties a home, please apply below: