Pet Nose Day 2023

Hi Barn followers!
Will be at Pet Nose Day 2023 on 16 April at Mount Stewart. Please come along and support us! Lots to see and do in the beautiful grounds of Mount Stewart. Bring along your dogs and enter the fun dog show or just relax and look around. We’d love to see some Barn dogs with their new forever families on the day too! You can also support us if you run a business or have a craft or hobby and would like to donate a voucher or gift for the raffle. Maybe you have something youd like to donate for tombola?Please let us know! See you all there! Many thanks as always for your wonderful support.
Ps! Please feel free to share![0]=AT2I7r1dE_HpzmUR9upC2-IqKf2kbsBxgWhhg4Jk2xq5XJQ-sf0IA2vByOQQjetFFcNwYAerIhA5WctjfezS8OJJe6pBgM-vp8gpv9FsQBElTluu_ky0Nu4J68vQ9Dl8OiNxGAHydqFGsuwCL1Dr4madRwfPBWBbCqkOEo7-fBVErQ7DUA90C_Cv1W8MYC1FmGmv7Gh5rQ