Meet Ruby

Meet Ruby

NAME: Ruby
AGE: Approximately 2 Years Old
BREED: Pharaoh Hound x Husky
CATS: Unknown
DOGS: Yes, with successful meeting
CHILDREN: 10 years up

A Heartfelt Plea for Ruby’s Forever Home

Meet Ruby, a captivating soul from Egypt, whose journey has been fraught with hardship. From her humble beginnings as a street dog in Egypt to finding refuge in England before finally arriving at The Barn Animal Rescue, Ruby’s story is one of resilience and hope. Despite the challenges she’s faced, she is still a loving and hopeful dog, as evidenced by the overflowing love she shows in the video.

Ruby dreams of a place to call home, a sanctuary where she can be shown affection and live life to the fullest. However, her path to happiness is not without obstacles. She longs for a family willing to understand her quirks and invest in her continued growth. Ruby would love to have a dog friend to show her the way (pending successful instructions). She regularly goes home with one of our volunteers and is nearly house trained. We feel she would just need a refresher course.

Though Ruby may get carried away with excitement at times, it’s a reminder of the carefree puppyhood she was denied. Because of this, an adult-only home is best for Ruby. Yet, amidst it all, Ruby’s heart is brimming with a desire to please and be loved.

Her affection knows no bounds, and she dreams of moments spent hiking through nature, followed by peaceful cuddles on the sofa. Ruby walks great on the lead, once she’s been out a while. Her dream is simple: to find someone who sees beyond her past and embraces her for the loyal, protective companion she is destined to be.

If you believe you can offer Ruby the forever home she dreams of, please consider applying through the provided link. Together, we can make Ruby’s dreams come true and give her the love-filled future she deserves.

Let’s make a difference in Ruby’s life today!