From time to time, we have older or sick cats/dogs that need lots of extra attention and long-term medical treatment. This is where our fantastic permanent fosters step in to help!

We couldn’t ask for better people to care for our animals and we appreciate everything they do ❤️ 🐾

We currently have 14 dogs in foster and 8 cats.

The conditions and needs of these animals vary.

☆ Albert is epileptic and was on expensive medication for a while. Luckily his epilepsy seems to have settled for the time being but he may need medication again in the future.

☆ Fluffy Lucky (Alfie) was diagnosed with ITP (Serious blood disorder) shortly after he came to us. He has regular flare ups and needs steroids and various checks to keep on top of his condition.

☆ Jojo, Ziggy, Lucky, Charlie and Maisie were older dogs and really didn’t do well in the kennel enviroment and needed into homes quickly.

☆ Big Max is a very large, older dog who has various health conditions.

☆ Zac was going to be euthanized at 3 months due to having hip Dysplasia and low bone density. He also went on to having major heart surgery. Regular vet checks are needed to keep Zac in top condition.

☆ Denise has a tumour in her stomache and is currently receiving Pallative care.

☆ Josie had thyroid issues and needed both thyroids removed.

☆ Bear had severe ear infections after his ears were docked. He ended up having to have his full ear canals removed and he is now deaf.

These are the stories of only a few animals that we have in foster care at present. We provide all their veterinary treatment including yearly vaccinations and will do so for as long as its needed!

With all the animals in the rescue and our fosters, our vet bills alone cost hundreds each week.