Eric, Aria & Melody

Eric, Aria & Melody

NAMES: Eric, Aria & Melody
AGE: 10 Weeks old
BREED: Belgian Malinois x Husky
DOGS: Yes, with succesful meet
CATS: Yes, with succesful meet
CHILDREN: 8+ years

Meet our latest puppy additions! 

Eric is the biggest of them all but is the calmest..He likes to just chill and take everything in his stride.

Melody doesn’t sit still for a minute and just wants to play,play, play!

And Aria is the smallest and just wants to be cuddled into you to make her feel safe.

Puppies can be hard work but especially with this combination of breeds, you will need to be willing to put a lot of time into their training, exercise and mental stimulation. 

Malis are very intelligent and will get bored easily and aren’t the sort to just lay about sleeping all day.

All aspects of puppy training will be required and socialisation classes would really benefit them.

Vaccinated, Microchipped, Kennel Cough, Voucher provided for spay/neuter and 5 weeks free insurance.

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