Iris & Pheonix

Meet Iris & Pheonix.

This sad, sorry-looking pair are one of many mating couples from a breeder.

They came to us along with 4 of their puppies three weeks ago and our volunteers couldn’t contain their upset when they saw the state they were in.

Iris who is thought to only be 3 years old has been used as a puppy machine many times over, her teats are so swollen they nearly touch the ground and her fur is dull with many bald patches, probably caused by anxiety and laying on hard floors. Her skin is dry and sore and she’s too scared to even come and say hello.

Pheonix has wounds on his body and a serious skin condition going on. However, he still gives a little tail wag when anyone comes near…I think he knows he’s safe now ❤️

All 6 of these dogs had to be quarantined from the rest of the gang until they had been fully treated by our vets and we made sure they had no contagious illnesses or serious conditions.

They have slowly started coming around and have only been well enough this week to get their vaccinations.
It will probably be a few more weeks until we can even start looking for their forever homes 😥 🐾

If you do choose to go to a breeder, ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO SEE THE PUPS WITH MUM & DAD IF POSSIBLE.

Our pups look in okay condition and you would never think that their mum and dad would be in such a bad state.

Unfortunately, these are only one set of dogs we have had come in recently, we will update you with some stories of the others shortly.

EVERY rescue is at a crisis point at the minute, dogs and cats at risk of losing their lives being put into every spare corner possible.

More and more cruelty cases are being reported daily as people wait until a space is available.

If you can help us…or in fact any rescue at all, please do!<sid=f5655e0a-37af-4c7f-b616-76cb1fe3db53