Nadia & Kiara

Nadia & Kiara

Well, you have met the rest of our Puppy farm Cocker Spaniels, now to introduce you to our beautiful Nadia & Kiara.

Nadia, Kiara, Faith and Aurora are all puppies from Pheonix & Iris.

It is expected that they are only around 12-18 months old but when they went in for their spays, it was clear to see they have already been used for breeding too 😥

There will be no more puppy making for any of these dogs and we hope they will just have a lifetime of love and happiness with their new families.

Faith is doing well and is recovering from her spay & hernia repair.

Aurora is currently in foster with one of our volunteers recovering from her spay.

Iris & Pheonix are coming on great and have really come out of their shells.
They are not quite ready to be rehomed yet as they need a few medicated baths to help their skin before their spay/neuter. Pheonix still has very sore eyes that are being treated daily.

We are delighted with how well all the dogs are healing but devestated that its nearly time for us to say Goodbye and send them off to their new homes. These pups really did steal our hearts ❤️🐾

Faith, Nadia & Kiaras rehoming posts will go live tommorow ❤️🐾

We still have a large vet bill to pay for their care.

If you would like to help towards this you can donate on the link below.

Thank you ❤️ 🐾