Finally, we can introduce you to our beautiful Pug, Cosmo. We have been trying to keep him away from the public eye as we really didnt know what the future was going to hold for little Cosmo…but we have now had some results which make his future look much brighter and we are asking for your help! ❤️

Cosmo came into us on 15th June and has had various health issues that we have been working with.

We started by getting his tonsils removed and widening his nostrils. This is a common problem in Pugs but Cosmos breathing was extremely bad and this caused him severe discomfort even when he was trying to walk about.

There has been various issues with this back legs and hips which we have been trying to get to the bottom of these last few months.

After going through checks with our own vet, we attended Earlswood vet for a second opinion. We were all totally devestated to hear that Cosmo probably had a severe infection through his bones or more likely, cancer. The outcome of this didnt bare thinking about.

After having more in-depth CT scans, X-rays, blood tests and fluid drained from his bones it has been confirmed that no cancer has been found. However, Cosmo has been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and severe Osteoarthritis that has completely destroyed his hip joint.

We never give up on our animals and will do everything we can to help them; so with the vets advice and guidance, we have booked Cosmo in to get a Femoral Head Ostectomy next Thursday. With smaller dogs, this procedure has a very good success rate and hopefully it will be a fairly easy recovery for Cosmo.

We really hope this will be the start of a new lease of life for him where he will finally be pain free.

The total for Cosmos tests, scans and operation will come to approx £3,500.
If you can spare a £1 for Cosmo, we would be very grateful.

Donation Link Below- Please state “Cosmos Care” to ensure every penny goes for Cosmos treatment.