Meet Ronnie

Meet Ronnie

Breed: German Shepherd Collie Cross
Age: Approximately 6 months old
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting
Children: Yes, 8 years +
Cats: Unknown

Introducing Ronnie!

Ronnie, the most affectionate German Shepherd Collie Cross, is ready to leap into your heart! At just 6 months old, Ronnie’s shy demeanor is eclipsed by an abundance of love and kindness. This pup is on a quest to find a family that can provide the love and security he deserves.

Ronnie might be initially timid, but his heart is brimming with love! Once he warms up, his friendly and loving nature shines brighter than the sun. He is microchipped, fully vaccinated, health-checked, flea and worm-treated, and neutered. Plus, we’re including 5 weeks of free insurance for added peace of mind.

Ronnie yearns for a safe haven, filled with patience and understanding. He dreams of cozy evenings, playful moments, and cuddles with a loving family.

Are you ready to welcome Ronnie into your life? If you’re seeking a devoted and loving companion, Ronnie could be the missing piece in your family puzzle.

Join us at The Barn Animal Rescue and be a part of Ronnie’s story. Help this endearing German Shepherd Collie Cross pup find the love and comfort he craves. Your love and care will unlock Ronnie’s heart, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Ronnie’s timid yet loving nature is ready to blossom in the right home. Reach out to us today to meet this charming pup and give him the loving forever home he’s been waiting for!