Meet Bella

Meet Bella

Breed: Newfoundland Lab Cross
Age: Approximately 3 Years Old
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting

Children: Yes, 8 years +
Cats: Unknown

Introducing Bella: Your Future Gentle Giant!

Meet Bella, the 3-year-old Newfoundland Lab cross with a heart as big as her paws! Known for their giant size, intelligence, and tremendous strength, Newfoundlands are the perfect blend of love and loyalty. Bella, our beautiful gentle giant, is on the lookout for her forever family, and we’re here to tell you why she’s the paw-fect addition to your home.

Why Choose Bella? Bella exudes a calm and gentle nature, making her an ideal companion for families with children. This clever girl is ready to learn tricks, keep you entertained, and become the brainy beauty of your household. Newfoundlands are renowned for their loyalty, and Bella is no exception – she’s ready to be your forever friend.

Bella comes with a clean bill of health, fully vaccinated and ready for all the adventures life has to offer. Your peace of mind is our priority – Bella is microchipped, ensuring her safety and your heart’s ease. We’ve given Bella a thorough health check, and she’s all set for her journey to a new home. Bella is parasite-free and ready to join your family itch-free! Our responsible approach ensures that Bella is ready to be the best version of herself without any surprises. To kickstart her new life with you, we’ve got Bella covered with 5 weeks of free insurance.

If you are ready to bring Bella home apply below and start the journey of a lifetime with your new furry family member.

Adoption is an act of love, and we can’t wait for Bella to find her forever home!

Let’s make Bella’s dream of a forever home come true and let the joy of a Newfoundland’s wagging tail become a part of your everyday happiness.