Meet Tristan

Meet Tristan

Name: Tristan
Age: Approx 4 Months Old
Breed: Collie
Cats: Yes, with a successful meeting
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting

Children: Yes, with a successful meeting

Introducing Tristan: The Adorable Collie with the Most Kissable Nose!

Are you ready to add a bundle of joy to your family? Meet Tristan, the captivating Collie with a heart-melting black nose that’s impossible to resist! At just 4 months old, Tristan embodies charm and affection, complemented by a glossy coat that’s as radiant as his personality.

Tristan isn’t just a pretty face – he’s a pup with a heart of gold. Collies are celebrated for their gentle temperaments, particularly around children, and Tristan exemplifies this trait perfectly. With the right training and socialization, he’s poised to become the ultimate companion for your household.

But Tristan offers more than just good looks and a friendly demeanor. This energetic pup is an ideal match for active lifestyles, eagerly joining in on outdoor adventures and back garden games. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk or a lively game of fetch, Tristan is always ready for action and excitement.

Bringing Tristan into your home means welcoming a fully equipped furry friend. He’s up to date on all vaccinations, and this includes kennel cough. Additionally, Tristan is microchipped, providing an added layer of security should he embark on any unexpected escapades.

Now, that’s not all – to ensure your peace of mind, Tristan comes with 5 weeks of free insurance, safeguarding him against any unforeseen accidents or illnesses as he transitions into your family.

But what truly sets Tristan apart is his love for cuddles and affectionate moments at home. There’s nothing he enjoys more than snuggling up with his human companions, spreading warmth and joy wherever he goes.

Are you ready to welcome Tristan into your family? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invite this lovable Collie into your home. With his irresistible charm, boundless affection, and penchant for cuddles, Tristan is guaranteed to bring laughter and happiness to your household for years to come.

Reach out to us today to learn more about Tristan and how you can make him a cherished member of your family. Don’t wait – Tristan is eagerly anticipating his next adventure with you!