Meet Cody

Meet Cody

Breed: Cockapoo
Age: Approximately 18 Months Old
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting
Cats: Unknown
Children: 8 Years +

Are you ready to welcome a furry bundle of joy into your home? Meet Cody, an 18-month-old Cockapoo who is eagerly seeking his forever family!

Cody is a charming crossbreed of a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, known for their affectionate and friendly nature. This lovable hybrid combines the intelligence and allergy-friendly coat of the Poodle with the playful spirit of the Cocker Spaniel. With his friendly demeanor, Cody is sure to steal your heart in no time!

This playful pup is not only friendly with people but also adores playtime and socialising. He gets along famously with children and other animals, making him the perfect addition to any family. Plus, Cody comes fully equipped with all the essentials: he’s microchipped, fully vaccinated, health-checked, flea/worm treated, neutered, and even comes with 5 weeks of free insurance included!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make Cody a cherished member of your household. Contact us today to learn more about adoption procedures and give this sweet Cockapoo the loving home he deserves. Let’s make Cody’s dreams of a forever family come true! 🐾❤️

Remember, when you adopt, you’re not just changing one life – you’re changing the world for a furry friend in need. Let’s find Cody his happily ever after together! 🐶✨