Meet Nala

Meet Nala

Breed: Golden Retriever crossed with Chow Chow
Age: Approximately 2/3 Years Old
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting
Cats: Yes, with a successful meeting
Children: 8 years +

Welcome to the Heartstrings Haven! Meet Nala.

Hey there, pawsome pals! Are you ready to meet the most dazzling, the most charismatic, the most tail-waggingly delightful pup around? Buckle up because we’re about to introduce you to the one and only Nala – a fur-tastic Golden Retriever Chow Chow cross who’s stealing hearts left, right, and centre.

Let’s paint you a picture: imagine a furry angel, with the softest golden fur you’ve ever seen, and eyes that sparkle like the stars in the night sky. Yep, that’s Nala! When Nala first arrived at The Barn Animal Rescue, she was a little shy, unsure of this big world around her. But thanks to the magic touch of our dedicated volunteers, she’s blossomed into a confident, love-filled bundle of joy!

Now, let’s talk about those genes! With a mix of Golden Retriever and Chow Chow, Nala brings the best of both worlds to the table. She’s got the loyalty of a Golden and the unique charm of a Chow Chow – it’s like having two breeds rolled into one fabulous furball!

But wait, there’s more! Nala is not just a pretty face – she’s got brains, too! She’s microchipped, vaccinated, kennel cough-free, spayed, and comes with a bonus of 5 weeks of free insurance. Talk about the whole package deal!

Picture this: lazy Sunday cuddles on the couch, endless games of fetch in the park, and adventures galore – Nala is up for it all! She’s ready to be your ultimate companion, your confidante, and your forever friend.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a furry friend who will shower you with love, laughter, and endless tail wags, then Nala is the pup for you! Come on down to The Barn Animal Volunteers and meet her in person. Trust us, one glance into those soulful eyes, and you’ll be head over heels in puppy love!