Meet Bea 

Breed: Collie Cross
Age: Approximately 24 Weeks Old
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting
Children: Yes, 8 years +
Cats: Unknown

Introducing Bea!

Are you ready to add a mischievously adorable companion to your family? Bea, the Collie Cross extraordinaire, is on the lookout for a loving forever home! At just 24 weeks old, this playful pup is packed with energy, love, and a heart full of cuddles.

Bea is a certified kid magnet! With a love for children aged 8 and up, Bea’s playful antics and loving nature make him the perfect addition to any family dynamic.

Bea’s feline compatibility remains a mystery, but with a gradual introduction, this lovable pup could make friends with our whiskered counterparts.

Ready to expand your furry family? Bea is open to meeting other dogs! A successful introduction could lead to endless playdates and shared adventures.

Bea’s captivating personality and adorable antics await you at The Barn animal rescue! Take the first step to make Bandit a cherished part of your family today.

Your home could be Bea’s next adventure-filled playground. Reach out now and discover the love and joy this delightful Collie Cross can bring into your life!

Microchipped, Fully Vaccinated, health checked, Flea/worm treated, Neutered and 5 weeks free insurance included.