Meet Betty

Breed: Collie Cross
Age: Approximately 24 Weeks Old
Dogs: Yes, with a successful meeting
Children: Yes, 8 years +
Cats: Unknown

Introducing Betty!

Ready for endless cuddles and tail wags? Meet Betty, the charming Collie Cross puppy eager to become the heart and soul of your family! At just 24 weeks old, Betty is a bundle of energy and love, seeking a loving forever home.

Betty is a kid’s best friend! With a soft spot for children aged 8 and above, she’s the perfect playmate, always ready for fun and games.

Betty’s feelings toward cats are a mystery, but with a gentle introduction, she could become fast friends with our feline companions.

Got furry friends at home? Betty is open to meeting other dogs! A successful introduction could lead to endless playdates and joyful companionship.

The Barn animal rescue is where Betty’s wagging tail and playful antics await you! Take the first step to make Betty a cherished member of your family today.

Don’t miss the chance to bring Betty’s infectious enthusiasm and love into your home. Reach out now and embark on a lifetime of happiness with this delightful Collie Cross!

Microchipped, Fully Vaccinated, health checked, Flea/worm treated, Neutered and 5 weeks free insurance included.