Pets for Rehoming

Meet Akeira - Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier CrossAge: Approximately 4 Year¬†OldDogs: NoCats: NoChildren: 16 Years + Introducing Akeira! Akeira is a stunning 4-year-old Staffy cross who is eagerly searching for her perfect match. Fully vaccinated, microchipped, and equipped with 5 weeks of free insurance, Akeira is ready to embark on her next chapter with a loving family or individual. Despite finding herself back… Read More
Meet Griff - Breed: Brussels Griffin Yorkie CrossAge: 1 Year OldDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingCats: UnknownChildren: 8 Years + Introducing Mr Griff-tastic! Griff is a charming 1-year-old Brussels Griffin Yorkie Cross with a heart as big as his personality! Griffonshires are the delightful fusion of the Brussels Griffon and Yorkshire Terrier, creating a lovable mix of toy dog breeds that are as… Read More
Meet Bruce - Breed: Shar PeiAge: Approximately 2 years oldDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingChildren: Yes, 8 years + with a successful meetingCats: Unknown Meet Bruce, a stunning two-year-old Shar Pei who is eagerly searching for his forever home. With his charming personality, intelligence, and striking appearance, Bruce is sure to steal your heart. Bruce is the epitome of a true companion. He… Read More
Meet Rolo - Breed: Yorkie/Chihuahua CrossAge: Approximately 4 years 10 months oldDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingChildren: Yes, 16 years + with a successful meetingCats: Unknown Falling in Love with Rolo! Looking for a furry early Valentine to steal your heart? Look no further, because Rolo, the charming 4-year and 10-month-old Chihuahua Yorkie cross, is here to make you swoon! Despite his small… Read More
Meet Bea¬† - Breed: Collie CrossAge: Approximately 24 Weeks OldDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingChildren: Yes, 8 years +Cats: Unknown Introducing Bea! Are you ready to add a mischievously adorable companion to your family? Bea, the Collie Cross extraordinaire, is on the lookout for a loving forever home! At just 24 weeks old, this playful pup is packed with energy, love, and a… Read More
Meet Fudge - Breed: LabradorAge: Approximately 17 Months OldDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingChildren: Yes, 8 years +Cats: Unknown Introducing Fudge - The Fun Loving Pup full of sweetness! We are thrilled to introduce you to Fudge, a lovable Chocolate Labrador who has captured our hearts. Fudge, a remarkable 17-month-old pup, has been a part of our family for the past 8 months,… Read More
Meet Bubba - Breed: Collie CrossAge: Approximately 8 Months OldDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingChildren: Yes, 8 years +Cats: Unknown Introducing Bubba! Are you ready to welcome endless tail wags and boundless energy into your life? Meet Bubba, the delightful Collie Cross eagerly awaiting a forever home! At just 8 months old, Bubba brings a whirlwind of playful charm and loyal companionship to… Read More
Mr Simone - Mr SimoneMale aged approx 2 yearsNeutered, vaccinated and microchipped Mr Simone is a lovely chatty boy who is very affectionate. He is hoping to find a home of his own.We do not know how he is with other cats or with dogs.If you would like to offer Mr Simone a home please PM the page or apply via the website.… Read More
Millie - MillieFemale aged 6Spayed microchipped and vaccinated. Millie came to us after her beloved owner sadly passed away. Millie would like an indoor outdoor home so a home well away from main or busy roads is important.She is fine with children but does not seem to like the company of other cats.We do not know how Millie would be with dogs.If… Read More
Binks - BinksFemale aged approx 2Spayed vaccinated and microchipped Binks came in earlier in the year with her tiny kittens. She was the best mummy and is now looking for a home of her own.She is a quieter girl and would be best homed with older children. We do not know how Binks would be with other cats or with dogs. If… Read More
Meet Dougie - Name: Dougie Breed: Lab Collie cross Age: 10 monthsDogs: Yes, with a successful meetingCats : Unknown Children : 12+ Introducing Dougie! Our handsome Dougie is 10 months old, he's a bit of a Lab and bit of Collie too also.He is your typical young pup, nosey, curious, absolutely loves hoomans and craves attention.He has been socialised with other dogs, so pending a successful… Read More
Barney - NAME: BarneyAGE: 2 yearsBREED: Chocolate LabradorCATS: NoDOGS: Yes, with successful meetCHILDREN: 10+ years Barney is the sweetest boy! He loves to play with his squeaky pig toys and will have you playing ball for hours!  Barney has lived with a dog all his life and really would benefit from the company of another one.He can be a bit boisterous and… Read More
Ben - NAME: Ben. AGE: 9.5 Years. BREED: Jack Russell. CATS: No. DOGS: No. CHILDREN: No. Ben is a typical cheeky chappy! In the rescue, he loves to get out on long walks and tummy rubs and doesn't give us any hassle. However, in a home environment, he does have severe guarding issues and will snap! He can also be reactive to… Read More
Jacko - NAME: Jacko. AGE: 3 Years. BREED: Jack Russell. CATS: Yes, with successful meet. DOGS: Yes, with successful meet. CHILDREN: 16 years. Jacko is a very lovable character who loves tummy rubs and cuddles but it has to be on his terms. He likes to have his own space too and doesn't like to be overcrowded. He suffers from anxiety and… Read More
Meet Houdini - NAME: Houdini. AGE: Approx 2.5 Years. BREED: Harrier Hound. CHILDREN: 12+ DOGS: Yes, with successful meet. CATS: No. ** Hou will be rehomed as a family pet only** Meet Houdini, a resilient Harrier Hound with a heart full of love, approximately 2.5 years old. His story is one that speaks of immense courage and the unwavering dedication from The Barn… Read More
Alfie - Name - Alfie. Age - 4 years. Breed - Dalmatian. Dogs - no. Cats - unknown. Children - 16+ years. Alfie was adopted from us last year but unfortunately due to a change in family circumstances he was returned to the rescue. Alfie is very active and loves getting out for walks, he can be quite strong on the lead… Read More
Odin - Name - Odin. Breed - German shepherd. Age - 3. Children - No. Cats - No. Dogs - No. Breed Experience Essential. Odin is a very handsome boy who loves getting out on walks, playing with his ball and other toys. Odin can be very wary of strangers but is a great friendly boy when he gets to know you.… Read More
Tilly Tilly - NAME: TILLYAGE: 8 years oldBREED: Jack Russell CrossChildren: No ChildrenCats: UnknownDogs:Yes, similar size with successful meet Meet Tilly! She is a very nervous girl that doesn't trust people easily. Tilly will need a quiet, adult only home with no children living or visiting. She would love someone who is willing to work with her slowly to build up trust and… Read More
Coby - NAME: Coby. AGE: 2 years old. BREED: Collie. CATS: No. DOGS: Yes,with successful meet. CHILDREN: No. * BREED EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL * Coby is a very affectionate and sweet boy once he gets to know and trust you. Potential adopters must be willing to have several meets and walks with Coby in order to gain his trust. Coby will require consistent… Read More
Moose - Name: Moose. Age: Approx 5 1/2 Years Old. Breed: Akita x Staffy. Cats: No. Dogs: No. Children: No. Medical Issues: No. Meet Magnificent Moose! Are you ready for a lovable companion who will steal your heart? Meet Moose, a charming and affectionate Akita x Staffy mix currently residing at The Barn Animal Rescue. Moose is a four-year-old bundle of joy… Read More
Toby - AGE: Approx 3.5 Years. BREED: Collie. CATS: No. DOGS: No. CHILDREN: 14+ ** Breed experience required** Toby is a highly intelligent boy who loves to learn and work for his treats/food. He benefits massively from enrichment games and would love agility training. He has a great relationship with our volunteers now but it did take a while for Toby to… Read More